Is a Career in Real Estate Right for You?

Research has shown certain personal traits and characteristics increase the odds of success in real estate.

These include:

1. Math – a basic foundation with an emphasis on multiplication, division, fractions and factors will help you measure rooms and structures.
2. Interview Techniques – success often depends on being able to ask the right question at the right time. This will help you narrow down listings to match your buyers wants and needs.
3. Computer Knowledge – the more you know, the more you will benefit. With multiple listing service (MLS) available online for buyers, the potential for social networking to be used for promoting your listings, yourself and your brokerage firm as well as the emphasis on email communications it is important to embrace the need for developed computer skills.
4. Organization and Planning – the ability to juggle showings, listings, appointments, properties, offers and negotiations in an efficient manner will not only make your day-to-day work easier but will also increase your level of success.
5. Problem-Solving – the ability to not only address difficult situations but help resolve them in a practical and mutually satisfying manner for all involved is an important quality that can help you with listing and selling activities.
6. Negotiating Ability – as an Agent you will be relied upon to negotiate on behalf of your client to ensure that they are getting a reasonable deal that satisfies all involved.
7. Self-Starter – although an Agent works for a Brokerage Firm, they are very much like an entrepreneur. You are your own brand and you need to sell it right.
8. Rapport – the connections you make with other people, the trust and respect you are known for are what will drive your success. How your potential clients view you and how they relate to you will determine if they chose you to represent them.
9. Confidence and Persistence – the ability to move past set-backs and disappointments to focus on achievements and are success important. You have to be able to weather the ups and the downs as you will experience both.

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