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Real estate isn’t for everyone.  And that is okay.  But if you want to make real estate a career then you owe it to yourself to look deeper into what you get when you make Brown Windle & Co. your business partner.

At Brown Windle & Co. we believe that real client satisfaction can transform lives. Everything we do is focused on delivering results based on the science of real estate data, market statistics and easy-to-use tools for our customers and we combine all this with our professional local expert-YOU.

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Our Team

We hire passionate people who are as unique as the communities they represent.  We promote transparent, open collaboration and provide the technological tools and ongoing development necessary to build powerful businesses.

Our Clients

We are the new face of real estate: a community-focused, professional and friendly team that anticipates client needs while always trying to exceed expectations.  We want our clients to feel good about working with our Team.

Our Community

We live here and we care.  Giving back to the communities we live in by donating more than just our money – we donate the spirit and passion that comes with being involved “hands-on”.  We help build the communities we live in.

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