About E&V

Brown Windle & Co. is the new name in real estate in Denver, CO.  We offer a culture of true caring committed to a higher purpose of helping our associates build rock solid, profitable real estate businesses.  We believe that by working together we can help build wonderful places to live.

Who We Are

Brown Windle & Co. was founded by native Coloradan F. Brown Windle & Managing Broker Steve deGuzman.  Steve brings over 15 years of real estate and technology experience and a genuine obsession for improving the customer experience through service and technology. We’re driven by a passion to connect on a deeper level with our clients while we reinvent, delight, and disrupt every single day. Our process begins with assembling a talented team and ends with the success of our customers. For years to come.

Brown Windle & Co. is based in Denver, Colorado.

Our Mission

Our company started with a question: How do we create deeper, more genuine relationships with our clients?  We build intuitive, easy-to-use solutions for clients so they can have a better human experience with our agents.

Brown Windle & Co. is our answer to that question. At Brown Windle & Co. we build relationships and create value for our clients. We’re dedicated to providing a better real estate experience for buyers and sellers.

What We Do

At Brown Windle & Co. our Brokers can market and advertise properties efficiently, find more prospects, and manage the relationships with all the people who impact the business. To date, we’ve helped thousands of people buy and sell homes.

At Brown Windle & Co., we’re looking to create the future of real estate, and we want you with us!