Discovery Channel creator John Hendricks is selling his Western Colorado ranch, and if you’ve got $149 million burning a hole in your pocket, the ranch and all its bells and whistles could be yours.

WHAT: West Creek Ranch, a 6,900-acre property in Gateway, near the Utah border, is a 14-bed, 12-bath mansion complete with an observatory, guest house, helipad, air strip and other amenities.

SIZE: 22,000 square feet

LOCATION: Surrounded by thousands of acres of desert land, West Creek Ranch is at the border of Utah and Colorado. West Creek Ranch gives homeowners scenic desert views and unmatched privacy. But these amenities don’t come cheap. At $149 million, the ranch is one of the most expensive listings in Colorado.

ABOUT THE HOUSE: Jamie Daugaard of Centre Sky Architecture designed the ranch over a three-year period from 1999-2001. The house has everything you’d expect in a top-of-the-line mansion such as a large kitchen, a theater room, a pool and hot tub and guest ranch, but it’s also got some perks unique to the ranch. There are hunting opportunities for animals ranging from bears to mountain lions and an observatory complete with a 20-inch Meade Telescope to view the vast desert sky. It’s also got a helipad and air strip to land your helicopter and planes if needed. And 55-minute drive to get from Grand Junction Regional Airport to the property, you just might. Other features include grazing land for cattle as well as fishing ponds and horse pastures.

CONTACT: Anyone interested in purchasing the ranch can contact LiV Sotheby’s International Realty listing broker Kerry Endsley at 303.570.0267 or at